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  • I am so glad we had the chance to hear Erin speak! Her talk "Prayer - Shine Your Light" was very inspirational.  I am a firm believer that with God there are no coincidences; that everything happens for a purpose as part of God's overall plan.  I am so excited that our paths have crossed. We are already planning to have her speak again as we build our evangelism team!

    Joanne Ybiernas Black

    Summer Grove United Methodist Church


  • Our women't ministry was blessed to have Erin share with us her spiritual insight into how we use our gifts and let our light shine to further God's kingdom.  Her life experiences have painted a beautiful tapestry of what God has done in and through her, allowing her to bring a great wealth of spiritual wisdom to her teaching.  Her leadership style was joyful and entertaining.

    Janice Flannery

    Summer Grove United Methodist Church

    Shreveport, LA

  • Having heard Erin speak before, I knew everyone at Light of Christ would be blessed by her talk. People loved her message and were still talking about her presentation and the event a week later! 

    She has much to offer and was good about coordinating with us as we wanted her to do special music to start the afternoon event.  We also had time restrictions she worked with to keep our event on schedule.

    Judee Wise

    Light of Christ Anglican Church

    Denver, Colorado

  • She is very thorough in doing upfront due diligence to discover what we wanted in a presentation and a speaker. She made an effort to quickly learn about the church and various needs of her audience. She engages the audience drawing them into her presentation. We loved her joyful approach and fresh ideas. We will have her back soon.

    Susie Powell

    Indian Hills Christian Fellowship Church

  • I found Erin's book and live talk very interesting and insightful. She is a fabulous speaker and I have purchased and shared the blessings of her book "Prayer The Gate" with several friends and family. She has a gift, and how wonderful it is that she can share her love of our Lord, and the strength of faith that she has found through her lifelong conversations in prayer. Wonderful!!!

    Mindy Penman

    Denver, CO

  • Erin has an personal presentation style filled with love and compassion. Her talks are full of substance. She gives you room to think with lots of value in an entertaining way.

    Rita Campbell


    Roxborough Arts Council

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