About Erin

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Erin Slusher has been entertaining, inspiring people of all ages her entire life. A baby boomer, in a construction family, she moved with her family nearly every year growing up. Neighborhood church was the one constant. The family attended every denomination of church you can think of to include sending this protestant child to a Catholic school. This was a huge blessing as it created a beautiful tapestry of doctrine and theology and has helped her learn to focus on what we all have in common, more than what separates us.

Singing My Song

Erin began making up songs when she was around four years old. While the other kids were coloring in preschool, she would tell the teacher to pretend she was the radio and then make up songs and sing for hours.
She studied songwriting under successful songwriters in Los Angeles and Nashville.
She wrote music for radio commercials and documentary films and has written nearly 100 songs. She has studied music theory, band arrangement and logged hundreds of hours in the recording studio. She and a friend ran a children’s music company for eight years, writing quality songs for children and entertaining them with stories and song.
Erin now helps church praise bands improve arrangement and production of the music and take their bands to a higher level.

Professional Career

Erin has been both a creative writer and technical writer in the defense industry. Her career has taken some wild and crazy turns and each step has prepared her for this part of her journey as a motivational speaker. She has served on a large church staff, and has written several books as well as blog site content on prayer and fasting. She spent a number of years creating web content at a marketing firm and learning about small budget marketing. As a speaker, she has her best gift yet to share with you.


The theme and focus of her inspiring messages is to bring assurance of the love of God.
Life is real and important. It can be far more significant that some would have us believe. Is this world a better place because you were here? The meaning of life is found looking outward; not inward. Great joy and satisfaction comes when we discover our gifts and contribute to the kingdom of God. Unexpected things will happen. Things will change. Life is rich and rewarding when we allow God to utilize our gifts for even bigger dream than you ever thought possible.

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