Sweet Release

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              Heavenly Father, we all long for simplicity in our lives.  Help us to find contentment.  There are people and physical things that we have outgrown, or that have held us back.  There are times we have held others back as well. Help us to release.  We let go of the people, and things that are no longer part of the divine plan for our lives.  We release them all to their highest good.  We forgive them, and they forgive us.  We leave them with our blessings.  They release us also.  We are now free to move forward into the divine plan of our lives.  We are free, and we are content.  Let us dwell in your presence.  Amen


Hi Erin - Beautiful. One of my favorite questions is: what am I holding on to that no longer supports my life, my values, my growth? I especially appreciate how you link release with forgiveness. So very true.
hi erin, this was a heartfelt prayer and i just pray lord that you teach me and grant me the ability to be humble so i can release things that i'm holding on to tightly and just trust that you are there to help me. in jesus name amen
Hi Erin Yes holding on is not following the living, it is not trusting, it is actually disrespect for the divine plan. Love Wilma
This is just perfect, and can I please tell you that a week ago at a friend's house, I wrote down a relationship release prayer very similar to what you have here. It said, "I now bless and release all past relationship disappointments. In doing so, I manifest my true place with my true people..." Another one was, "I now release all that is not true to my needs." Simple, and yet in a purposeful release, we invite NEWNESS. I just loved this; thank you!
Great prater. Im put this on my fridge this week. Great post!
I love this. You could have been writing about my life. (ha-ha) Holding on is telling God that our plan is better than His. Release and forgive. You are onto something my friend! This is one of my favorite posts.

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