Sacred Mystery

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 The matters of the spirit are in a place between shadow and light.  There in the quietness, and peacefulness beyond reach of the physical world, we catch a glimpse of an awareness of the mystery of God. There is more to this life than we fully understand, yet we trivialize the mystery.  We attempt to label everything.  If we can't figure it all out we aren't happy, if we do figure it out we aren't happy.  Where do you go when the mystery is gone?  Back to the mundane. Be still.  Know that God is the great "I am, that I am".  Let go of trying to figure everything out and live in the moment today.Father God, allow me to walk with you today; to feel your presence, and to be at peace in my spirit.  I trust that there is more than enough of all that I need today.  I give thanks.  I rejoice.  I am blessed beyond measure.  God you are the ultimate sacred mystery.  Seekers of holiness worship you, and follow the small voice that speaks to the spirit.  Let me hear your voice.  Amen


You speak of the mystery so beautifully, Erin. About a year ago I realized my job was just to accept the mystery, rather than try to decipher or name it. We human beings seem to want to control almost everything, so I've come to believe that this is our ultimate challenge in life - to let go of knowing and just be with the mystery.
hi erin, i love the statement Let go of trying to figure everything out and live in the moment today... the scripture says cast all your cares/burden unto him for he cares for you. It also says except the lord build a house, the builders build in vain. I have learnt to trust God in/through every situation. I play my part by taking action believing His Grace is sufficient.
Great post Erin. I saw your an author. How long have you been writing about self improvement? When did you get it published and do you plan on writing a new one?
Hi Jonathan. Prayer The Gate is my third book. My first two books did not get published and I have the 87 rejection letters to prove it. My first one was especially terrible (poorly planned and poorly written). I have improved with practice. I wrote a proposal for Prayer The Gate and put it out on one of those proposal sites. Then six publishers were all calling me at one time. I knew the idea was good at that point. If you have an idea for a book, write a proposal and a good outline. You have a terrific blog. It will be a great place to build a book from. I began writing about prayer and the spiritual facet of our lives a couple of years ago. It has developed from there. It wasn't something I planned to do. All my life I have written technical documents, software requirements and test procedures for about 12 years in the defense industry. I wrote songs and have written nearly 100. I spent four years at a marketing firm writing copy for websites and brochures. All types of writing experience is valuable. I appreciate you stopping by and I like your comments. You know questions are valuable and the road to higher awareness usually involves more questions than answers. You have talent, Jonathan.
Oh Erin, this is what closes the door to God; "We attempt to label everything." Instead of allowing we need to pull it apart as if we can and must understand that what we do not need to know. That has been an interesting journey for my mind and me, xox Wilma
Absolutely beautiful. It's all good, and all so very perfect, per the Divine plan. I rest peacefully in that knowledge.
Erin, I'm busted...I'm one who tries to figure it all out and then after I bang my head a while I let go and join in the mystery. Thanks for the reminder!
There is much to be said for allowing and not getting caught up in all of the details. Very good post.

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