The Spirit Within Us

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Photo by Chrissy Oldham
There is a spirit within us that is never poor, yet I think sometimes we go hungry because we are afraid to ask for what we want. We fear we may be inadequate.  We fear there may be some powerful world-changing gift we have, and therefore we are responsible to utilize it.  Is there a huge audacious idea you caught a glimpse of that could make a positive impact on humanity? What holds us back?  What keeps us from acting on the large, or small important things?  Our fears.  What if we are wrong?  What if we fail?  We can't see too far ahead. Usually that is a good thing. Father God, guide our steps.  Help us live in faith.  Help us each to know we are capable of sharing the great and wonderful gifts you have given us.  We invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and connect us to you.  Let us each be a force for good.  Let us encourage each other and bring out the very best in all that surrounds us.  Amen


What a beautiful prayer, and wonderful post.

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