Press On, Stay Focused, Take a Risk

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Photo by Rudy Matthiesen
Significant things are not accomplished by getting distracted.  Sometimes the road twists and turns and the path is not quite so clear.  But without a vision or hope, people perish.  And many great works have changed the world when someone was willing press on, to look fear straight in the eye and take a risk.The key is to not do too many things at one time.  To move to a life of significance, we must focus on one thing at a time.  Big dreams, daring adventures, exciting lives are available to us as we seek a higher purpose.Multi tasking is over rated. I don't believe we multi task well.  There are a few involuntary actions like breathing we do while doing other things.  Some tasks require different skills, so we can walk and talk at the same time.  In reality it is a matter of quickly changing focus.  Do it a bunch of times and you don't even remember what the most important task was. The problem I find in myself is, if I am not quite sure the next step on my significant task, then I distract myself so I don't have to continue to step forward.  I look through a cookbook, or call someone. "Hi there, no, nothing new.  Just checking in to see how you are doing?" And the big important thing vaporizes at that point.We want our lives to count for something.  We know we are capable of being a positive change for good.  We could leave this world a better place.  The clock is ticking.  We are aware of it most at the close of a year.  How can we make the coming year count?  What significant action could be part of our higher awareness, our higher calling?I pray for guidance to contribute that thing that is my own special gift.  I pray you find yours. Let us then press on toward the goal, stay focused and enjoy lives of great significance, not by adding things to our list; but by focusing on what is important.Philippians 3:14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.Take a risk.  Make 2010 an amazing year because you are part of this great adventure called life.


Hi Erin, I'm currently reading Leo's book "The Power of Less." The section I just read is on focus. Haven't we all heard this before? Yes...of course but because we live in the age of information and distraction we need constant reminders! Thanks for the reminder...I'm on the right track. You just verified it for me.
The above picture is of my son Justin. I am always scared when he rides or races his dirtbike. The words written beside his picture are very inspirational and are very true. Staying focused and facing fears will alway help you to reach your goals, no matter what they are! Thanks.
Erin, I agree, staying focused on one thing at a time yields higher quality results opposed to trying to accomplish many things at once. Even with this knowledge, I tend to pile on the goals and end up loosing focus. Thanks for the reminder!
Right on Justin.

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