What Do We Deserve?

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We have all been there, in a place where regardless of how admirably we performed, it was never good enough.  The doors to success and encouragement were closed to us.  What causes us throw roadblocks up for each other?  Why must we never let the other person feel they are special or extraordinary?  Do they deserve it?  Have you heard someone discourage "undeserved praise". Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. He brought redemption to this pain filled world.   We are children of God.  We are joint heirs with Abraham.  Do we deserve it? When we give of ourselves, our gifts, our talents, our encouragement to another person, whether they deserve it or not, this world becomes a better place. The world can be a better place because we are here.  Another person can live up to their fullest potential because of a helping hand or an encouraging word.Today, Father God, help us to reach out to others.  Let us live in the light you shined before us.  Let us shower blessings and encouragement to each other as you have blessed us; whether we deserved it or not.  Let us see the greatness in each other as radiant children made in your image.  Amen


Hi Erin We all deserve love and non judgmental listening, that would be praise to me. I would make me feel I deserve their love and their attention. That would ultimately make me successful, their listening and loving me will make me feel a child of God. Love Wilma
What a beautiful sentiment that is. I do my best to encourage those I meet - finding the very best in them and letting them know I appreciate them, and the value they add simply by being alive. I love the prayer you shared - thank you!
Hi Wilma and Megan, Thanks for visiting this week and sharing your thoughts. Have a great week.
I guess thats where ambitious Greed comes into play, if we have something we want it all to ourselves, and if we don't have it...we don't want anyone else to or we start think badly of it and anyone else who wants it, kind of like that folk story of a fox who wanted to eat grapes but they were too high, so since she couldnt reach for the grapes she convinced herself that the grapes weren't worth it because they were probably bitter and yukky anyway...

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