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If Grace was a garden, I'd walk there with you.  If Grace was a garden, I'd walk there with you. Like a child from the wilderness, whose spirit has been renewed, if Grace were a garden. If Grace was a word, I think it would sound like a prayer from a grateful heart, rising and unbound, if grace were a word. If Grace was a moment in the presence of God, filled with his favor, protection and his love if grace were a moment, if grace was a word, if grace was a garden... All we need is enough for today.  Let it enfold me, define me, Gift of Grace. Jesus hold us close and let us walk by faith.  Grace is a moment, Grace is a word, Grace is a garden. Gift of Grace.From a song I wrote about 10 years ago.


That is beautiful Erin!
Grace is the silent force behind this noisy world. :-)
ERIN!!! this is so beautiful!! I'd love to fiddle around with a melody for it.
Walter that is well said. Hannah, I would be honored. Thank you, Chrissy.
Grace is my beautiful daughter, a true gift.

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