Finding Your Way

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  Have you been in a place where you can't see very far into the distance?  We think the choice should be simple.  We want the path to be clear. But we take a turn, wake up one morning and there is no path.  We don't see it, it isn't there.   Some days you take it one step at a time.  And maybe there are times of our lives it is best we do not see too far ahead.Father God, let us learn to walk in your way.  Step by step you lead us.  Let us follow you all the days of our lives.  Let us trust you, even when there is no visible path.  Let us know in our hearts you provide for our needs and there is always more than enough.  Let us walk in faith. Amen


thanks, erin! i feel like we are constantly living like God is illuminating one step of the path at a time, everything else is dark and distant. We are always waiting to see where and whether landon is accepted into grad school, PhD programs, if he has funding, etc.... We buy our furniture according to how easy it is to move - we've relocated out of state 4 times in the last 5 years of marriage. and even now we are waiting until we hear if landon has funding for this next fall in order to figure out if i need to get a new job, if we'll still live in utah come next fall, and if we can finally start to have kids. but this kind of waiting is really an exercise in faith and trust in God. it really should be a springboard for some amazing prayer (i really should put more time and discipline into my prayer life). But all this brings a great peace, to know that our life is not ours - it is completely out of our hands, we just try to be good stewards of present opportunities, and trust God. This prayer was very precious to me today. Thank you!
Thanks for visiting Hannah. You and Landon really live in faith to the fullest. The step by step scares most of us. We want to know where we will be, and what we are doing. You go for it, and I admire that. Thanks for all you do for the body of Christ. You inspire me.
Hi Erin. Yes, we are meant to live as in your prayer. We have been given everything to fulfill our covenant with God and yet we fret and worry. Oh how have we separated ourselves from this knowing. Thank you Erin for reminding us what we have been given, a beautiful world to cherish, not to tame into safe paths. Love Wilma
Erin, Yes I also want to know who, what, where, when and how,now! I need to remember to spend more time trusting and less time worrying!
Hi Tess and Wilma, thanks for stopping by. It is so hard for me to trust that life goes on, and sometimes even better if I don't try to plan and control everything.
Hi Erin, Ah...that path that isn't always clear... If we (I) can just remember that there's always someone with me, that our God is always there... I love the image you have with this.
I definitely feel that lately, the path is not as well lit as it's been in the past, and yet I know that's okay. I fought it at first, but now I've surrendered sweetly to the idea that all is as it should be, and always will be. What a lovely prayer, and what a lovely site you have!

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