Divine Order

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The flower reminds me of how I must look to the casual observer; a little wind blown, not symmetrical, slightly disorganized and undisciplined.  Never the less, I show up in full bloom with the grace, passion and form that God gave me. I enjoy the new trends in the personal development blog sites.  Many writers encourage excellence, simplicity, passion in our work and  generosity.  People are sharing lessons learned, helpful hints, and encouragement daily.  That is part of the Kingdom of God.  It is about what we do for each other.  It is often about what we are willing to give of ourselves. There is an order to the universe.  It may not match our perception of order and achievement, but the events are not all random, and there is a  divine order.  Each experience is a step toward our future and if we choose, can build our strength.  Each lesson learned, however painful, prepares the way for how we deal with future experiences and how we might learn to love to the fullest.Father God, thank you for the beauty of the day and of the season.  Let us discover the nature of you God, as we lend a helping hand or kind word to others.  Allow us to cross over the barriers of race, religion, occupation, and social status to find our higher purpose and compassion  in serving each other.  Bring your divine order and simplicity to our lives.  Let grace and loving kindness shine from each of us. Let us bring out the best in each other.  Let us be a blessing today. Amen

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