Swim With a Buddy

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 These adorable Canadian Geese goslings were going for a swim with their parents .  Do you remember being advised to swim or hike with a buddy?  It is friendlier with two, A.A. Milne wrote.  It is good to have someone to encourage us.  I had read that geese honk at each other as the group comes in to land on a lake.  The theory is that they are cheering each other on.  We may never know for sure, but the idea is great. We become quick to criticize each other.  There are  jobs that pay to criticize, and I have heard people appoint themselves at the perfect person to critique a project.  So who wants to be the cheerleader.  Is it a harder job?  I derive much more satisfaction in encouragement than criticism.  Let us pray for each other, encourage each other, bring out the best in each other.  Swim with a buddy.  The world will be a more friendly place.


It's getting more hip to be cynical and jaded. Thanks for a needed reminder that many of the world's troubles could be solved by everyone just being a little kinder, courteous, and considerate. Kurt Vonnegut had a great quote: "Kindness may fail, but courtesy will prevail" Take care friend. Josh
Glad you stopped by today, Josh. I enjoyed the Kurt Vonnegut quote. So true. Thank you.

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