Radiant Child Of God

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Photo by Christine Oldham
This lake contains a lot of algae.  Life has a number of challenges.  It is messy.  Our spiritual journey is messy.  As much as we want it to be a straight and simple line, there are detours, places we trip, fall down get hurt and bruised. We have lessons to learn, places to go and lives to touch. We get covered in algae, mud, paint, tears and joy.  But what ever you go through or get beat up by, or covered in; you are a radiant Child of God.Father God, I pray  today for people to overcome.  Let there be light and guidance and blessings for all your children.  Let us all, regardless of the hardships we bear or burdens we carry or stuff we fell into, look and act like your children.  We are made in your image, we are worthy.  Let us find the joy in each day.  Amen


Great analogy of the algae and messy lives. You have such wisdom, I really enjoy your insight and posts. Thanks for sharing your spiritual journey!

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