Bless You

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There is always a moment connection when you sneeze in public and a complete stranger says "Bless You".  I like it, so much in fact, I think we should send blessings to each other all the time. Lots of thought and debate are given to Karma.  If I am angry with someone and express it, does hot coffee get spilled in my lap later?  I don't know about Karma.  I believe what goes around, comes back around.  I also know for sure that giving a blessing to someone is a wonderful gift. I do believe there is much suffering in the world.  Cursing and hatred have never mended or made anything better so far. Forgiving each other, praying for each other, blessing each other.  Now that removes the power of misery and suffering. It may still exist, but you can get a reprieve from it.  Walk in love and be generous with blessings today.

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