Today Is A New Beginning

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Is your life what you thought it would be?Do you think you have a calling?That is a scary word.  People think if they are called they will have to sell all their stuff and go do mission work in another country.   Not all of us are up for that. I like to think of using my calling as working with God.  It is about using the unique and special talents and gifts that are part of who I am as a child of God.  You don't pick your own calling.  You listen for it.  You ask God to help you find your calling.  It is something we must seek daily.If you are at a place now, and you don't quite know what the next step is, ask.  Ask for guidance.  If you do it every day, you won't come to the end of your life and wonder what happened.  You will know you were guided day by day, step by step through the wonderful adventure of your life.Gracious God, help us to find the purpose and hope of our calling.  Work with us and guide our steps.  Amen

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