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To get out of Stucksville you need a couple of things, tools, if you will.  One is a high jack lift.  This is a large red tool you can use to quickly lift one end of a vehicle.  You see those rock crawling 4-wheel guys all have one of those.  I think a round nose shovel is also critical (you can't dig dirt with a square end shovel).  Sometimes you need to construct a temporary road out.   You also need a couple of good friends with 4-wheel drive vehicles and a little experience in being both stuck and un-stuck.  You will need a couple of chains or tow strap to attach and pull with and basic wrenches and sockets. For your spiritual life you will also need a couple of things, tools, if you will. One a good working knowlege of prayer as well as a knowledge of your value as a child of God.  Utilization of the word of God,  good friends who have experience being stuck and un-stuck.  A prayer partner.  Faith (this lifts the vehicle like the high jack lift).  You will also need a heart of service and a willingness to walk by faith and not necessarily by sight.  It is helpful to see yourself as God sees you with his radiant light filling every cell of your body and soul.Father God,  Open our minds and hearts to the wonderful possibilities and purpose this day can hold for us.  Help us to move forward with our lives.  Lead us in overcoming the obsticles and difficulties.  Also let us be part of the group that help others out of being stuck or discouraged. Thank you for the rich blessings you shower on us and thank you for allowing us to bless the lives of others.  AmenLet us go out find the joy in this day.  It can be fun and exciting to be on the rescue team that gets someone out of Stucksville.  More photos from the rescue mission.  Additional note.  Do not remove the tire when you are stuck.  See yourself driving out.


Wow! Stucksville is always an adventure. Looks like Aaron was extremely fortunate not to go to "tippy over land". That is somewhat less of an adventure.
Thanks for stopping by Chuck. You have certainly headed up a few rescue teams with your jeep. I know Ian is grateful for at least one midnight rescue adventure you were willing to make. Aaron had decided the jeep might not make it out. In the rain, mud and darkness, two tow-truck drivers could not get him out. In the clear light of day it looked a little better and dryer. A roll down that hill would have been really bad.

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