Sieze the Day

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As I traveled the Pikes Peak highway last Sunday, I was thinking how I plan and make lists.  Then, think I'm accomplishing something by checking things off the list. In Kabbalah and the practice of Mystical Judaism it is suggested  the ultimate reality is there is only NOW.  While we are busy checking our lists and squinting to catch a glimpse of the future,  making a feeble attempt to prepare for it, there are those who know there is only Now.            A few skiers and snowboarders prepared to enjoy theses June conditions and make the most of this day.  They did not worry about mechanical lifts to get them up the mountain.  They hitch hiked and took turns driving.  They didn't worry about a few rocks and a little dirt sticking up through the melting snow.  (I worry about the wax and condition of my skis and usually rent equipment for early and late skiing.)  They didn't worry that it was June and for most people, past ski and boarding season.  They seized the day!   
Taking a break between ski runs
God, help me find the opportunity to live in the NOW.  Open my life to fun and adventure.  Open my heart and spirit to generosity and wisdom.  You have given gifts to each of us.  And each day presents opportunities to live our lives to the fullest.  Let us live well and discover the blessing you so richly bestow.  Amen


Wish you the best.

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