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Sometimes I find myself making huge lists to cover all the points and bases.  Then I find myself staring at the list with that glazed donut-like film over my eyes thinking," now what should I make myself do next?" in an effort to GTD (get things done).  I get so obsessed with wholeness, productivity and list checking that I am not living.LORD, let me find my way to your truth again.  I know there is much to do each day, but help me to find the balance I need in my life that I may be nurtured and grow as a person.  Help me be the best I am capable of being, while experiencing the wonder and mystery of life with all the joy my soul can hold.  Amen.


This is a message that hits me hard. I logically think things must me done in order for me to be repsonsible and be a happy person. Most of the time I end up feeling "less than" because I don't seem to meet a lot of unmet needs in addition to my long list. Only though my quite meditation time does the clear Divine messages uncover those unmet needs which are so much of the time blocked with fear and confusion. Thanks Erin for the prayer.
Thanks Mary T. I'm glad I'm not the only one with too many items on my list, or feeling my life gets out of balance. Fear and confusion do rob us of valuable time in our lives. Sometimes I have felt if I just work harder, add more to-do items, crank it down one more notch, things will get better. That doesn't always work. Sometime letting go and going to God in meditation and prayer is the only thing that works for me to sort things out. I appreciate you sharing your insights on the topic. Be blessed.
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