Quiet Desperation and Grace

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Henry David Thoreau wrote, "The mass of men live their lives in quiet desperation."Between 1739 and 1745 John Wesley wrote, "How lively a portraiture this is of one who struggles "under the law"! We feel a burden than cannot be shaken off.  We long for liberty, empowerment, and love, but remain in fear and bondage still!  We await the time when God will answer our desperate cry...:Something within us knows there is more to life than mere survival.  It is an awakening where we might get a glimpse of the possibilities in place of the limitations.  What if today brought joy and excitement instead of the same old routine? There is a God and he loves you so dearly.  It is not about rules and the church and the doctrine steeped in 400 year old tradition .  That can be part of your spiritual walk, but first dip your toe into a thing called UNMERITED GRACE.  Wesley writes about Life Under Grace, Awakening to Unmerited Grace, Freedom from Guilt and Fear."Only then is the miserable imprisonment ended, so that we are no longer "under the law, but under grace". We are now ready to describe the condition of evangelical existence which has found grace and acceptance in the presence of God."Prayer for today.Most loving God, let us all find grace and acceptance in your presence today.  May we learn to walk with you in love. Turn our eyes not only to the splendor about us, but also to the gifts you have lavished upon us.  Then we know that our personal gifts stem from the grace you have placed within us.  Amen


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