Prayer Partners

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The face of the prayer team is changing. But, the purpose of the prayer team remains the same. It is intercessory prayer. It is a valuable and unselfish act of doing the most and best you can by coming before God on behalf of someone else.Matthew 18:20  For where two or three have gathered together in My name I am there in their midst.As I meet and talk with people of various denominational backgrounds, a common challenge is revealed.  Prayer teams can be difficult to build and maintain.  Things always change.  Jobs and hours worked change.  Care for children and older people become priorities.  Class schedules, appointments clutter things up. People move or pass away. The face of the prayer team is changing.  But, the purpose of the prayer team remains the same.  It is intercessory prayer.  It is a valuable and unselfish act of doing the most and best you can by coming before God on behalf of someone else. I believe praying together is extremely important.  I wonder what holds people back from joining with a prayer partner or team?  If you have thoughts on this, I would love to hear them. Here, I will offer suggestions about prayer partnering.  
  • *Don't hold out for, or expect a large team.  Be satisfied and delighted in finding one or two other people to pray with.
  • *Leave politics at home.  It is important to be in agreement, and that is tough enough for two people to do on any matter of the heart.  When you bring your political view in, you may bring disagreement which will diminish your efforts in prayer together.
  • *Pray for what you agree the outcome should be.  Don't get caught up in a person's troubles or disease.  Agree on, and pray for the healing and comfort for the person, pray for wisdom for the doctor, or skill and guidance for the surgeon.
  • *Have grace and tolerance with different people's styles of prayer.  Some use many words, some use few, some pause between thoughts, some don't.  Simply work together. It can be like dancing, and you will get better at praying together.  That is the purpose.
  • *Keep prayer requests confidential!
  • *You don't need to know the whole story on anything to pray for someone.   It is better, in fact, not to know too much. 
  • *You don't have to like them to pray for them.
  • *You didn't have to vote for someone to pray for them.
  • *Don't worry you don't pray well enough to partner with someone.
  • *Come into it with a heart for service and you will do fine.


Hi Erin - Great post. I think you had some very insightful comments about prayer teams. I think it's really important to leave the politics at home. These days Christianity has become so politicized and polarized that it's best to let that go and just pray. I also appreciated your point about everyone praying differently. Some people feel comfortable praying with others and some are self-conscious. So it's good to just accept and encourage everyone. Lisa

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