Big Dog Prayer

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It is Wednesday in Colorado and I spent the morning with my prayer team.  Someone usually takes the cards from the pews on Sunday and the team is given request for this time on Wednesday.  I add many of the names here on the prayer request page and during prayer time we address the requests one by one. There are always prayer requests for healing of sick family members, jobs, recovery for physical, emotional, or other health issues, travel mercies, etc.  There are also prayer requests for wisdom for government, strength and wisdom for teachers and students.  But today,  we had one from a child who wanted to pray that God would make their dog bigger.  We do not take prayer requests lightly, and so even though I have no specific details about this dog or child; prayers were offered up. I love faith through the eyes of a child.  Many things are so clear to them.  They take each day as it comes.  They delight in each discovery.  And far too soon they are no longer children. It is not for me to say how this prayer will be answered.  As the intercessor my job is to bring the prayer before God, release it, and not tell him how to do his job.  Maybe the dog will grow.  Maybe the child will accept the size of the dog and the desire for the dog to change will diminish.  Maybe the family will adopt another dog and it will be bigger. We walk by faith and not by sight.  We also pray by faith and not by site.  Have a blessed day.  Amen

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